The National Honey Monitoring Scheme is conducted annually by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) in partnership with beekeepers throughout the country. Beekeepers provide honey samples to be analysed giving the researchers important data which contributes to a wider examination of environmental factors. As part of this analysis, the beekeeper is provided with a detailed breakdown of the honey sample including what types of pollen are identified in the honey and their amounts as a percentage. Identification of the various plants to which the bees are visiting is valuable data for researchers but also useful to the beekeeper, ensuring that the placement of the hives provides the bees with a variety of plant types to forage on. Below are the graphics provided by CEH for the 2 honey samples we donated for the 2019 study.

Sample 6026780 (Spring Honey)

Sample 6424494 (Summer Honey)